Teddy Awards Jury Statements, Berlinale 2014

Teddy Award

Teddy Awards 2014 Jury Statements


  • Short Film: Mondial 2010


A film that takes us on a journey, both literal and personal through a hazardous landscape where invisibility is a necessary aspect of Queer survival.




  • Documentary/Essay: The Circle:


A film that reflects on personal Queer histories in mid-twentieth century Swizterland, brings to light the necessity and urgency to resist and engage with homophobia as it proliferates around the planet.




  • Jury Award: Pierrot Lunaire


The Teddy Jury would like to recognize Bruce LaBruce’s important new piece Pierrot Lunaire as a significant addition to his ouvre, that continues to explore the notion of ‘Queer’ in every sense. Melding theatricality with edgy cinematic language, a remarkable performance by Susanne Sachsse, with sophisticated use of music, Bruce recombines these elements to renew the classic Avant garde.




  • Best Feature Film: The Way He Looks


A joyous debut feature from a director who combines great writing, characterization, performance, camera, and music to deliver a film that soars above the well-explored coming of age genre, giving new meaning to the old adage ‘love is blind´









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